Monday, 27 June 2016

Unofficial CD32 Release - Tennis Tossers

The first day of Wimbledon started today and another tie-in sports compilation for the CD32, this time its a collection of the finest Amiga tennis games.
 Intro Animation

Six games are included on the disc, these are;
  • Super Tennis Champs (Audiogenic, 1995)
  • Mikro Mortal Tennis (Epic Marketing, 1996)
  • Tennis Cup II (Loriciel, 1992)
  • Tie Break CDTV (Starbyte, 1991)
  • Tennis Cup (Loriciel, 1989)
  • Pro Tennis Tour 2 (Ubi Soft, 1991)
 Menu Selection Screen 

Many thanks for the original WHDLoad slave guys;

Mikro Mortal Tennis - Psygore
Pro Tennis Tour 2 - Psygore
Super Tennis Champs - Psygore
Tennis Cup - CFOU!
Tennis Cup II - CFOU!

Thanks to the other following people for this release;

Earok - thanks for the work on Super Tennis Champs!
JTOD - thanks as usual for the CD32Load updates!
Naruto (NU) - thanks for the tennis player sprite.
Creators of WHDLoad for allowing this great program to go freeware.
And anyone else I've missed or used their utility unknowingly on this CD.

You can discuss and download this release HERE


  1. What a pity that Smash isn't included in this beautiful collection :(
    Btw nice work as always!

  2. I did look at Smash, but unfortunately there is no whdload version and I had no luck extracting the adf to try and load that way.
    Thanks for the comments though.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thank you for this release. I think the best amiga tennis was advantage tennis, it is really impossible to see this game running in a cd32?

  5. Thanks for your work my friend If you can and it possible in the future add more point and click adventure games like monkey island and lure of the temptress