Sunday, 4 September 2016

Reshoot CD32 Review

So here we have the first professional pressed CD32 game since 1998, a full 18 years ago!

The first thing you notice when you receive this game is the game package, it's very professional, it comes in a DVD style box (I would have preferred the traditional jewel case for CD32 games, but seeing it's such a high standard they can be forgiven!).

The disc is professionally pressed as mentioned above, not just a CD-R with a label on case you were worried! It also comes with a great looking 16 page manual/mini magazine, it even smells like an old manual, not that I'm addicted to smelling game manuals I hope you understand! More that it has been printed to a high standard! The booklet contains the coders history and memories of writing the game which is a nice touch too.

First things first, it's not for softened gamers used to muliple lives and continues, this is hardcore 80's gaming, you get one life, thats it, no life bar etc, again this is something we aren't use too nowadays, but it certainly gives it that retro arcade feeling.
 Reshoot CD32 Package

The enemies have a satisfying 'crunchy' explosion which is always a plus in my book in a game where that is all you will be doing is destroying the opposition.

Movement of your ship is fluid enough, sure it could have been faster, but then the enemies would had have to been sped up to compensate, I think the compromise is pretty accurate, and considering how many times I have been playing this weekend, and sure it's different, but not to the point where in some games you think 'this is impossible' that it puts you off playing, where as here every time I have died I know I could have avoided death.

Graphically I personally like the look, the rotating player cube looks really good, the movement of enemies is smooth and they animate very well, I'm glad he managed to get a layer of parallax in there albeit at the expense of a few more colours from the earlier demo. Again other compromises have had to be made in colours to keep the game at 50fps, the amount of bullets later on is incredible in an Amiga game!
Musically the game has a decent track on the main menu that I'm listening too whilst typing this, toe tapping stuff, its no Tim Wright or Chris Huesbeck but its ok. In-game wise it's not quite on the same league, think of it more as 'extended SFX' with the in-game 'tune' changing with the tempo of the game.

Summing-up the whole package, I feel the omission of pause and high score save are a let down, yes they may be a patch later for Amiga owners, but CD32 owners are stuck without which is shame for a game which is based on high scores.

As you can probably tell I have enjoyed the game, its fun to play and addictive too boot,  of course it's not perfect, the retail price is a little high, postage removed comes out around £30 for the UK, which is comparable to commercial CD32 titles back in the day, but I do appreciate the professional disc and manual this comes with, I think they have done a great job here and wish others would support developers like Richard Löwenstein in making more professionally made CD32 titles.

Addictive & fun to play
Nice smooth 50fps graphics

No pause
No local high score save

Not perfect, but fun, addictive and well worth the punt!

Reshoot is available to buy from

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